TravelRest – The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow and Neck Pillow

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With its patented ergonomic shape, the TravelRest travel pillow attaches to any seat back, nestling against the head and neck to provide support and comfort in flight or on the road. The snap flap attaches to the seat belt to help keep the TravelRest in place. The pillow contours to the body providing support to the head, neck and body.

Even without a seat back, TravelRest’s versatile design provides excellent support – simply sling the tether cord over your head and shoulder…and relax.

Its compact design allows for easy inflation (inflates in 3-4 puffs) when you are ready to rest and easy stowage when you are done (rolls up and stows in space of a standard toothpaste tube!).

Flight delayed? No place to stretch out and get comfortable? Inflate firmly and attach the tether cord to the SnapFlap at the bottom of the pillow, slip the cord over your head and shoulder like a messenger bag and you’re resting freestyle!

Can use for kids* and road trips as well–loop the tether cord over your cars headrest and attach the SnapFlap to the lap belt. (Your kids will sleep longer too!)

*WARNING: Never place cord around neck of any person. POSSIBLE CHOKING HAZARD! Do not use as a flotation device. Do not leave small children unattended.

Colors: 4 colors to choose from – Navy, Red, Gray, or Moss.

How do you use the travel pillow?

There are 3 different ways to use your TravelRest travel pillow:

PDF Travel Pillow Instructions

Video – TravelRest Travel Pillow Overview

Video – Adjusting and Using your TravelRest Travel Pillow

National & International Editorial Reviews:

    Wall Street Journal: “It makes 11 hours in a 17-inch-wide seat more bearable”

    Boston Globe: “a nice way to nap” “it lived up to its name”

    USA Today: “just begs you to snuggle up and take a nap”

    San Francisco Examiner: “Best Travel Pillows” “two thumbs up”

    MSNBC: “size-wise or price-wise, small is beautiful” “offers a different approach to airborne slumber”

    Vagablond: “My new travel BFF” ” I could just kiss (the inventor) for designing this snazzy little guy”

    Chicago Tribune: “The tether works, and the long, curved design of the pillow gives a delicious sense of snuggling up with one of those full-body bed pillows”

    Crunch Gear: “it works as advertised” “I was the only one waking up from my naps without a cramped neck”

    Curve Magazine: “the best travel pillow out there thanks to its ergonomic shape”

    People Magazine: “much more comfortable than those horseshoe pillows”

    Happily Traveling: “I slept like a well fed baby. I highly recommend it. No more stiff mangled necks here!”

    Gear Diary: “I recommend this pillow over the stuffed horseshoe ones”

    Go Europe/ “More stable than other neck pillows”

    HIP Compass: “the most comfortable travel pillow I have ever used”

    Los Angeles Times: “long flights can be a little more comfy with these compact travel pillows”

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