The Giant Bellows Foot Pump from Intex makes it possible to inflate and deflate air mattresses and other inflatables quickly and easily without relying on an electrical outlet. The large bellows has a 12-inch diameter to pump a high volume of air in...

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Take a look at the Intex Recreation Plush Airbed if you like Intex's Ultra Plush Queen Airbed but find it a bit pricey... Intex introduced this new airbed as a complementary series to Ultra Plus Bed but at a lower price point. This Plush Bed...

$76.99 as at 21:46 UTC. (Details)

Intex's new and improved 2-in-1 Bed is still the most flexible, all purpose airbed. Easily converts from a flocked high-rise bed into two single height beds--Zip the airbeds together to make one elevated airbed or convert into two single height...

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The 110 - 120 Volt AC Quick-fill Electric Pump from popular inflatables company Intex, has a sleek, compact design that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, yet still inflates rafts, air mattresses, and more in just minutes. Product...

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Intex's new Ultra Plush Airbed is sure to impress your most important guests! This raised bed combines comfort, convenience and great looks into one luxurious airbed with its unique textured sleeping surface and inflated outer perimeter band for...

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The Twin Supreme Air Flow Airbed from Intex is the closest you'll get to a traditional bed. Whether you're looking for an affordable sleeping solution for overnight guests, or a comfortable alternative to your traditional bed, this revolutionary...

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The Queen-sized Intex Pillow Rest inflatable airbed offers all the benefits of the Intex Raised Downy airbed but with the added advantage of lighter weight and mid-rise height. It is ideal for travelers who want the comfort of a bed but the...

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Offering all the benefits of the Intex Raised Downy airbed but with the added advantage of lighter weight, the Twin-sized Intex Pillow Rest Classic inflatable airbed is ideal for travelers who want the comforts of a bed but the convenience of a...

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Intex's top of the line deluxe high-rise bed with an ultra comfortable foam top has all the goodies you'll love - Foam top for a better night's sleep; a fast and easy to use built-in electrip pump, and incredibly soft and plush Velvetaire...

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