SimplySleeper Air Beds

SimplySleeper Air Beds

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SimplySleeper is a more expensive brand of air beds/air mattresses as compared to many of the cheaper air beds that may leak, stretch and sag more quickly and may not include an integrated built-in pump.

SimplySleeper air beds offer a best-in-class features – Patented breathable DurmothaneTM Polyester Laminate Technology (strongest material in the market) that is topped with a lustrous 100% microfiber surface moderates your changing body temperature during sleep by wicking moisture away. The unique three-layers of materials perfectly sealed together to make SimplySleeper air beds incredibly puncture-resistant, stretch-resistant and durable, yet sensually soft and silky to your skin. The thermo-induced laminate adhesive layer works to bind heavy gauge PVC together with a PVC coating to reduce stretch and prevent airbed pressure loss, which is very common to lower quality airbeds.

  • The trouble-free sleep solution for all occasions – holiday guest, camping, college dorm, kids, travel and more.
  • Soft Feel – Smooth and lustrous surface that will feel soft and silky against your skin.
  • Breathable Fabric – Breathable fibers easily adjust to body’s ever-changing temperature.
  • Puncture Resistant – High quality fibers are sturdy and puncture resistant. No leak. No air loss.
  • Stretch Resistant – Polyester coating reduces PVC stretch and prevent air bed pressure loss.
  • An easy-to-use patented integrated built-in pump is included with each SimplySleeper air bed purchase.
  • All SimplySleeper air beds comes with 1 year limited warranty and satisfaction guarantee.
  • All SimplySleeper air beds are 100% leak tested for 24 hours prior to shipping to ensure the best quality air retention.

SimplySleeper is owned by SimplyGlobo Inc., based in Bensenville, Illinois, USA, a global original equipment manufacturer, distributor, reseller and designer of high quality office equipment and office supplies.

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