Gocrib Portable Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard

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GoCrib by by Guava Family is a standard size, ultra-portable travel crib that packs into a lightweight backpack for ultimate freedom. Its rigid-inflatable structure sets up quickly, and creates a strong and safe environment for your baby anywhere you go. Take it on vacation or to grandma’s. But, it’s not just for overnight trips – take it to the park, the beach, a soccer game, a friend’s house, or simply in the living room for day-to-day use…your baby still needs to sleep and play while you are on the go.

The Guava Family GoCrib creates a wonderful sleep and play area for your baby. The insulating mattress keeps them padded from the ground, and the strong, angled sides keep it stable and sturdy, even with your little one standing up or with siblings leaning against the sides. The closeable side door gives your child an easy way to crawl in and out so they think of it as a fun place to be (rather than a prison). This creates a familiar place for your baby so they will sleep well when on the go. And when they sleep well, you sleep well.

Gocrib Portable Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard

Set up is fast and simple with the included dual-action pump that inflates the crib in less than a minute. Its pressure gauge tells you when it is ready to use. To pack, the valves lock open to make deflation a snap. Once deflated, the Guava GoCrib stuffs into its backpack just like a sleeping bag.

The Guava GoCrib backpack enables hands-free portability, so you can still carry your baby and your diaper bag, or push a stroller. And it’s so small that it takes up a fraction of the space in a car trunk and easily fits into the overhead compartment on an airplane.


27″ x 39″ insulating mattress and 25″ depth sleeping and play area (same as a standard play yard)

Phthalate Free, AZO dye free, and Lead Free non-toxic materials, textiles, and paints.

Curved sidewalls eliminate hard edges and corners to prevent unintended bonks and bumps.

Breathable ClearView Mesh allows for full airflow and an unobstructed view of the child, even when the side is zipped up.

Anti-Puncture materials maximize strength, stiffness, and prevent leaks.

Includes: Guava Family GoCrib, backpack, mattress, pump, pressure gauge, and assembly instructions.

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