Altimair AATKRMFFV01 King Raised Fabric Air Bed

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From the Altimair Lustrous Collection, this premium air bed is made of 35D Memory Foam, PVC laminated with polyester fabric, c/w Built in pump GT-168M and Second Generation Giga valve.


  • Model number: AATKRMFFV01
  • King Raised Fabric Air Bed
  • Memory Foam
  • Built-In Pump
  • Material:PVC laminated with polyester fabric
  • State of the art Airtek controller allows you to adjust the firmness to your liking
  • Thick, Durable Material
  • Built-In Pump for Fast Inflation & Patented Airtek Giga valve deflates the bed in less than a minute
  • Includes: Built in pump GT-168M, Giga valve 2, 35D memory foam, Brushed polyester fabric with zipper, Carry bag, Repair kit, Instruction manual
  • Inflated Dimensions: 80″ L x 70″ W x 20″ H

Special Features of Altimair AATKRMFFV01 King Air Bed:

1. Most other PVC air beds on the market will stretch over time and lose air pressure. This is a common complaint in the industry but not an issue with the Altimair line. Thanks to the Nylon-plus laminated material used for this air bed, which is the best material on the market and is what makes this Altimair bed so special. The high quality fibers are sturdy, puncture proof and they do not stretch. This means no leaks, and no air loss.

2. Fabric used in this air bed has been coated with a lustrous, breathable, real polyester fabric material. This mattress has a shiny look and a soft, silky, feel against your skin. Most other air beds are made with a vinyl or acrylic type material which doesn’t perform nearly as well as real fabric. The breathable fabric material is allergy-free and outstanding for temperature regulation as it adjusts to the body’s ever-changing temperature and is suitable for all climates.

3. The soft, silky top of this air mattress adds an additional layer of comfort & support and also prevents sheets from slipping. Typical air mattresses have vinyl or plastic tops and this makes it difficult for the fitted sheet to stay in place. The built-in Comfort Controller allows you to adjust the firmness by either adding or removing air. Because this material does not stretch, you can set the firmness exactly how you desire and it will stay that way.

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